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Galway, Castlebar ,Sligo, Letterkenny ,Killybegs ,Letterfrack, Mountbellew

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As a multi-campus university, ATU offers students a diverse range of experiences, from bustling cities to wild Atlantic coastal regions. With many courses to choose from, students can follow their passion, find their career path and engage in a vibrant university community. With a continued emphasis on applied learning, small class sizes and a supportive environment, ATU students can immerse themselves in student life and emerge graduate career ready.

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Among ATU Alumni is any person who has ever studied at one of our ATU campuses, graduated or non-graduated.  Also among ATU Alumni are organisations and people affiliated with the university.​ ​ The ATU Alumni Office helps connect the ATU Alumni community to each other and to the university through lifelong learning, networking opportunities and invitations to participate in programmes and events.

Embark on a transformative journey with our full-time Master of Health Science in International Healthcare Management, an exhilarating program meticulously crafted to address a crucial demand in the global healthcare landscape. This dynamic curriculum is designed to equip healthcare professionals with the essential skills and insights necessary to take on leadership roles within diverse healthcare environments worldwide. Throughout this immersive experience, participants will delve into the intricacies of healthcare management, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in international settings. With a focus on cultivating effective managerial and leadership competencies, graduates emerge poised to make a meaningful impact on the future of healthcare, steering organizations towards excellence and innovation. Join us at the forefront of healthcare management education and elevate your career to new heights in the rapidly evolving realm of international healthcare.

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The Master of Science in Computing in Cybersecurity program offers a comprehensive and industry-driven curriculum designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in the field of cybersecurity. Developed in collaboration with the IT industry, this three-block program is structured to provide a solid foundation in key areas such as Cybersecurity, Software Compliance, Threat Management, and Information Security Management. The course places a strong emphasis on practical applications, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to address real-world challenges in the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity. The program culminates in a dissertation, allowing students to showcase their extended knowledge and proficiency in a specific area of interest. The dissertation is typically completed over one or two semesters, providing an opportunity for in-depth research and practical application of the concepts learned throughout the program. Upon successful completion of the Master's program, graduates are positioned for diverse career opportunities in companies with large IT infrastructures, the Payment Card industry, and Financial Services. Potential roles include Security Incident Analyst, Secure Systems Manager, and IT Security Threat Analyst. This program not only prepares students for the current demands of the cybersecurity field but also ensures that they are well-equipped to contribute meaningfully to the industry's future advancements.

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Our on-campus MSc in Data Science is a meticulously designed program that delves into the key facets of this rapidly evolving field. Focused on delivering practical and applicable insights, the curriculum covers a spectrum of topics crucial to mastering the art and science of data analysis. A distinctive feature of this program is the inclusion of a dissertation component, affording students the unique chance to apply the diverse range of concepts covered in the coursework. This hands-on project not only showcases their extended knowledge but also demonstrates their adeptness in real-world applications of data science. For those opting not to pursue the dissertation, the program still awards a valuable qualification – a Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science. This ensures that all participants, whether aiming for comprehensive research or a more streamlined academic track, leave the program equipped with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the dynamic and in-demand field of data science.

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Embark on an innovative journey with our Master of Science in Computing in DevOps, offering a dynamic blend of theory and hands-on experience. This one-year, full-time program (typically on-campus) or two-year, part-time option (typically online, subject to demand) delves into the principles of DevOps – the collaborative approach integrating operations and development throughout the service lifecycle. Our curriculum covers essential aspects such as DevOps Software Engineering, Project Management, and Deployment Pipelines, equipping you with the skills demanded by today's tech industry. Whether you choose the immersive on-campus experience or the flexible online path, both routes promise a comprehensive understanding of DevOps practices. Upon successful completion, a world of enticing employment opportunities awaits, both domestically and internationally, with leading IT giants like Amazon, Hewlett Packard, and Datahug. Embrace roles such as DevOps Support Engineer, Senior Software Engineer in DevOps, or DevOps Project Manager, and propel your career forward in the ever-evolving field of DevOps.

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3. Resume/CV

4. IELTS/PTE/TOEFL Test Result

5. 12th Certificate

6. Degree certificate - consolidate mark sheet,sem - wise mark list, grading scale

7. Appointment letters of all jobs

8. Work experience letters

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10. Salary slips of 6 months OR

11. Bank statement of salaried account

12. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

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